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We manufacture machine based on our abundant experience and needs of users.
Takashima High-Speed Wire Straightening & Cutting Machines are designed and manufactured under our very effective quality control system which is the product of constant improvements based upon abundant experience and advanced technical skills in this field. Entirely different from conventional counterparts, these machines are fast-operating, completely automatic, durable, efficient, accurate, and yet moderately priced. These advantages make them the first choice among wire cutter users both at home and abroad. We are sure that these machines are ideal in an age when the demand for wire is rapidly growing.
It is being exported to the whole world as a top
manufacturer of the straightening and cutting-off machine.
News Release   Straight line machine use product
The new type TCH-05-W   Electricity Part , Car Component , Medical appliance , Architecture Supplies ,  
was added to the catalog.
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Cutting length error is
±0.1mm or less.
capacity(mm) Ø0.1-Ø0.5 The used V-20 type coil stand was sold out.2006-07-04
The TCH-9SP1.5M was added to the catalog.2006-06-13
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following in the case of inquiry. The New Year's holiday : 30th of December and 4th of January.2005-12-07
Material , Wire Diameter.
Cutting Length , Application.
What's a High Speed Wire Straightening& Cutting-off Machine??
It is the machine which corrects a coil-like wire rod straightly and is cut to predetermined length.Use is
carried out in the field even with the iron material for construction broad from the hypodermic needle for
  WIRE STRAIGHTENING MACHINE     medical treatments.It corresponds to all wire size cuts from a thickline to ultra-thin wire    
  WORKS CO.,LTD.     very much.Please ask a special wirerod etc.    
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